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"I met Dr. Rubin four years ago through a summer course she had offered at the New England conservatory. Having a Bachelor of Music degree, I was first interested in her course when I read the topics in the course description*, and I thought it would greatly benefit my playing. I planned on taking two of the five sessions, but instead finished the entire course. I realized at the end that I had gained a brand new perspective on violin playing. Dr. Rubin’s course was filled with rich historical and technical information on violin music and violin playing. Drawn from her abundant experiences as a soloist, chamber player, orchestral player, and teacher, Dr. Rubin had a keen ability to analyze many of the common problems violin players face and offered unique and effective solutions on how to solve them. Her innovative and efficient approach towards technique development yielded fast and quality results. At the end of her five-session course, I decided to continue my study with Dr. Rubin.

Over the past four years under the tutelage of Dr. Rubin, I have advanced tremendously with my playing. Dr. Rubin’s teaching had enabled me to grow in both technical and musical aspects. With her uncompromising high standards in teaching, her deep and philosophical understanding of the relationship between the violin and violinist, and her balanced approach toward both technical and musical development, I have gained a more thorough understanding about music forms and styles in relationships with various musical eras, discovered the secret to producing a rich and sonorous tone, and deepened my understanding on the physical connections between the right and left hands.  And above all, Dr. Rubin’s unique and innovative pedagogical approach had given me a lifelong gift of playing without physical pain.

It has been my privilege to have studied violin under Dr. Rubin."

Dorothy Kao Ma, Wayland, MA [September 2012]


"Vera Rubin is a wonderful teacher.  She has a rare combination of patience, humor, and a deep understanding of child development.  Some teachers know how to play well, but not how to teach well.  Dr. Rubin can do both.  I am an amateur musician myself, and can appreciate how important it is to begin study with the proper methods, to minimize “unlearning” of bad habits later in life.  My daughter started studying with her 3 years ago, and it has been a wonderful experience for both of us.  Dr. Rubin has been very patient in teaching her the proper bow technique, and takes the time to explain practice methods and mechanics of sound production.  She has high standards and expects her students to work hard, but always treats her students with utmost respect."

Shanti Serdi, MD


"I began to study with Dr. Vera Rubin in 2002. It was clear to me from the beginning how different my learning experience will be with her. I have met the highest professionalism and utmost dedication. At the time I was already a master’s student at Boston University and a graduate of Vienna Hochschule. I was 22 when we start to work together and with Ms.Rubin  guidance and precious advice I was able to completely rework my posture and technique, which ultimately led to my professional success and a career in music. In today’s frenetic world very few teachers have time and are willing to work truly with a student and engage in sometimes extenuating technical work. This is not about Ms.Rubin. It would been easy for her to dismiss me with a few words or give some music advice here and there, but she chose to engage in a long-time project of meticulously working my technique. She never let me  down and always encouraged my progress with her unfailing optimism and expertise. Thanks to her tremendous efforts I have got my position in the Orquesta de la Comunidad Velencia, Spain in 2006."

Dasha Dubrovin


"It is a real pleasure to write about Vera Rubin. She was my best violin teacher ever, and not just mine, I am sure. Her warmth, care and support to her students are amazing! She always encourage you, her criticism is only helpful and constructive. Her knowledge of musical styles and a violin technique is astonishing. She is equally good for beginners and for mature professionals, like myself. I still use every opportunity to have a lesson with her and I still find it very helpful each time."

Violin/Viola performer, Dorothy Hope


"Ms. Rubin is my daughter’s  second violin teacher, and my only wish is that we had started with her. She is an incredible teacher and a mentor. Her approach to violin teaching is well rounded, down to details, focused both on techniques and being musical. She has keen eyes to see issues, and knows exactly what the problems are and has a system of methods to address them. My daughter's playing has improved tremendously under Ms. Rubin’s instruction.  Ms. Rubin was such a sensual professional player herself and she is a great inspiration for her young violin students, we are truly blessed to know her and have her as a voilin teacher. "

Tina Zou

What the students and parents are saying:

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