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violin lessons

Variety of performances, classes, training, concerts, and consultations are part of the teaching and musical experience of Vera Rubin and the Bartholdy Duo.

Private violin lessons for adults and children in Dr. Rubin's private Waltham, MA studio by appointment.  

A consultation and audition prior to signing a contract are required and need to be booked with Dr. Rubin.

You may use the Contact page to schedule the consultation.

Dr. Rubin specialized in tutoring via skype.  The sessions may be discussion and booked on the Contact page calendar.

You will require a high speed internet connection and a good camera, speaker and microphone for your computer.

The Bartholdy Duo may be booked for concerts by appointment. Please reach out to Dr. Rubin's manager to discuss the repertoire, fee schedule, and to book a concert.


Dr. Rubin specializes in teaching the virtuoso bow arm technique. 

She has been lecturing on this topic at universities around New Zealand, China, the New England area, in schools like the Longy Music School, Boston Conservatory, and the New England Conservatory.

Dr. Rubin gives individual and group classes on the development of the following strokes: Spiccato, Marcato, Staccato, bouncing Staccato, Sautille, and Ricochet.

The classes may be scheduled and provided over the internet using skype.  Please check Dr. Rubin's schedule for the virtual classes on the Contact page.

virtuoso bow technique

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