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Dr. Rubin is a founder and music director of "New England Classical Music Workshop." It is an educational and performing organization, committed to promoting classical music. It includes a busy private violin studio, located in Newton, MA. Students studying with Dr. Rubin's are regular participants and winners of Massachusetts, national, and international young musicians competitions and festivals.


Ms. Rubin's experience in the preparations of her students for every type of orchestra audition are validated by the number of competitions which they win. During the last five years, every single student who participated in the auditions for district/all state festival orchestras was accepted. More and more students trained by Ms. Rubin are joining New England Conservatory and BYSO orchestras. Vera Rubin is on the faculty list of New England Conservatory, although all of her students are instructed in comfortable and friendly surroundings of her Newton studio.


One of Dr. Rubin's specializations is teaching virtuoso bow arm technique. She is an experienced lecturer, and she imparts her knowledge by practical demonstration of the techniques. All students of New England Classical Music Workshop must participate in semi-annual class recitals, and the workshop organizes frequent performances for advanced students in the Boston area. The studio accepts students of any age.


Right now our youngest student in the is 5 years old, and the oldest one is 54 years young!

Musical education: private lessons, groups, workshops

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